Homes For Pets

We love our pets which is why we have a cat and a dog! Here's a picture of Luka and Betty demonstrating how important it is to have a nice home. We are building a database of pet friendly homes for animal lovers all over London as well as one of pets & owners who might consider moving - so please contact us whether landlord or tenant so we can keep your details and be right on top of any opportunity that might fortuitously arise. The more we have the more opportunities for all.


We know it can be very difficult to find a home, especially a high quality property. So we're trying to get as many  pet friendly properties on our books as possible. We don't think the lease alone should be reason enough to prevent you having a pet. And in some cases the lack of outside space with the flat should not be a deal breaker either. So come to us and we will try to help you. We will need a few details about your pet and its requirements. And we'll want to consider Rspca advice / do a brief assessment but hopefully there's a suitable home for every pet, even that llama in the garden.


Did you know people with pets tend to stay much longer, be great tenants and will even pay a bit more than normal market rent*? So what's preventing you from letting out your property to a prime tenant like this? If it's worries about tenants or damage or even the lease then call us for a chat. If you've already seen the light then contact us as an agent with plenty of tenants desperate for a pet friendly home.

*This isn't hard research but we are certain it is true from experience alone. We are looking out for any research on the matter so please let us know if you have seen any such figures!