Why londonspace?

Why use London Space in Brook Green for your Lettings, Management & Sales

To choose your letting or sales agent in Brook Green you should consider how a person searches for a home to rent or buy. Their first stop is nearly always one of the major portals especially for lettings – instead of traipsing round offices or trawling ten websites, 2 or 3 web searches should suffice. So if your agent is advertising on all with good photos and words and they work hard to communicate it, you’ve netted 80% or more of your potential customers. There will be others from the client database, the well located office, the board, even the magazine advert and own brand site (all of which we use) but the overwhelming majority of serious searches are now through the portals. That being so you need to double check your agent really is on all the big sites (we are).

After that, we’d suggest your priority should be about how the agent treats you, how they treat customers and how much they charge. And we’d say that this is why we have succeeded. In 11 years in Brook Green we could count the number of dissatisfied clients on two hands, our retention rate for management is even better. Even if they don’t intend to give poor service larger businesses have staff turnover and segregation of roles that creates a lack of response or continuity so that you sometimes feel you don’t matter. That won’t happen with us, and what’s more it will be at a very competitive price.

And if you want someone to manage your property in W14 you should take time to think about what you really need. We’d say you want a professional service, at a fair price which gets work done but doesn’t sub-contract & then recharge every single inspection, piece of advice or work, otherwise why are you being charged a large percentage of the rent? What people also forget is that if a cabinet screw is missing you don’t need to buy a new kitchen. Your agent should have sufficient contacts and common sense to be able to get an appropriately economic and efficient response. So before you choose a property manager do the maths - it’s a key reason our customers stay with us.

We are always innovative and agile so for instance we can now provide you with alternative charging structures if required and we are already on Property Place in Facebook. We were one of the first to provide late hours & Sunday appointments & have always strived to reduce our carbon output.

When we say we believe in fairness & integrity we mean things like making a point through our work practices & training of not making promises we can't keep; of not telling you something we can't put in writing; of ensuring we fully reference all tenants.

We have been trading from within Kensington Olympia (or Brook Green or W14 if you prefer) for 11 years now, while the staff have been here even longer. Thus we have a truly in depth knowledge and appreciation of the area.